Friday, June 21, 2013

[G] Make faster and better decisions with new Ad Review Center features

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Inside AdSense: Make faster and better decisions with new Ad Review Center features

We know that having fast access to the right information is important for decision-making. In particular, having quick visibility over similar ads and a broader range of insights is important when deciding whether to allow or block ads on your site. As we continue to celebrate 10 years of AdSense, we’re excited to announce some new changes in the Ad Review Center this week.

Find and take action on related ads
Our new ‘Related Ads’ feature in the Ad Review Center gives you a quicker and more efficient means of identifying similar ads that you would like to allow or block. Related ads are those that have a similar destination page, and you can directly view, allow, or block these ads in the Ad Review Center.

Derive new insights with additional metrics
To help you make informed decisions around whether to allow or block particular ads, we’re giving you better insights with the following new signals:
  • Impression score indicates whether an ad has a high, medium or low number of impressions per day compared to the other ads on your site. As always, we recommend that you consider the potential impact on your revenue before choosing to block ads with high or medium impression scores.
  • Serving status identifies whether an ad is active or not. An active ad is defined as one that has recently received impressions. If an ad is active, it’s more likely to still appear in the next few days. If an ad is inactive, it could still show again, but the longer it remains inactive, the less likely this will occur.
  • Historical trend shows whether the number of impressions per day for an ad has recently increased, decreased or remained stable, according to our historic data. This trend is not a projection of any future performance of an ad, but provides you with additional context while reviewing ads.
Finally, to improve your experience in the Ad Review Center, we’ve made some enhancements to the interface. We’ve now redesigned the Ad Review Center tiles to make the controls more clear and intuitive. In addition, we’ve incorporated new widget styles and an improved layout. Learn more about the Ad Review Center in our Help Center and share your feedback on these new features on our AdSense+ page.

Posted by Fiona Herring - AdSense Product Manager
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