Thursday, June 20, 2013

[G] Give your sitelinks additional detail in enhanced campaigns

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Inside AdWords: Give your sitelinks additional detail in enhanced campaigns

Ads that provide detail and precision can help people make more informed decisions.  Sitelinks help people find information deeper in your site so they can get to where they want to go faster.   In February 2012, we improved sitelinks by using text from other ads in your account or My Client Center to create sitelinks with additional detail.  Today, we’re going one step further by enabling you to nominate specific text for your sitelink descriptions from within your AdWords account.  This will allow you to control the descriptions that display when this sitelink format shows.

In our testing, users have reported that sitelinks with additional detail were more useful and relevant, and clickthrough rates were significantly higher than the same ad with traditional 2- and 3-line sitelinks.

The new sitelink format with additional detail is available only in enhanced campaigns with upgraded sitelinks.  Enhanced campaigns enable you to reach people with the right ads in the right context - location, time of day and device type -  without setting up and managing numerous campaigns. All campaigns will be upgraded to enhanced campaigns on July 22nd.

After upgrading to enhanced campaigns, you will have the option of adding extra text to your sitelinks - simply fill out both lines of the "Description" field when creating a new sitelink or editing an existing sitelink.

Note that your ads won't always show sitelinks, and when they do, the format that appears could vary.

The core guidelines for sitelinks remain the same with these improvements:
  • Sitelinks cannot violate the duplicate sitelink URL policy
  • Sitelink text cannot use keyword insertion
  • In addition to this 4 sitelink view, there is also a 2 sitelink variation
To learn more about sitelinks with additional detail, check out the sitelinks article in the AdWords Help Center.

Posted by Conrad Wai, Product Manager, Ad Formats

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