Friday, May 3, 2013

[G] See Your Conversions In Real-Time

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Analytics Blog: See Your Conversions In Real-Time

Over the past year, we’ve been making continued improvements to the Real-Time reports in Google Analytics. Significant updates include real-time now supporting profiles, 4 key analysis improvements as well real-time widgets available for dashboards.

But have you ever looked at your real time report and thought, “wow check out how many visitors I have today, I wonder if any of them are converting?” We had that same question and so we are happy to announce the beta launch of our new real-time goals report! Now you can monitor in real-time how many of your website visitors are converting and against what goals. 

Use this feature to track the live results of how your new email newsletter, ad campaign or TV commercial is performing. An important note, with this first launch we’re introducing URL based goals only. So computed goals such as Time on Site or Pages / Visit are not included yet. For ease of use, you will see all goals that are being tracked in the UI regardless of whether there have been any completions in the past 30 minutes.

As with the rest of the real time reports, clicking a specific goal will automatically segment that report. Basic filters also apply to goals so you can analyze goal completions from a specific location or other dimensions you care about.

So now, the next time content on your site goes viral, you get a hot mention in the media, or large social traffic spike be sure to check out your real-time goals report to see in real-time the bottom line impact.

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Posted by Linus Chou, Product Manager, Google Analytics


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