Friday, May 10, 2013

[G] New Google Analytics Filter Fields

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Analytics Blog: New Google Analytics Filter Fields

One powerful feature of Google Analytics is the ability to create filters to limit and modify the traffic data that is included in a profile. Custom filters can be made on specific fields of data; our users have long been asking for more data to filter, especially for mobile and social. We have listened, and are glad to announce an expanded fields list. Full descriptions of the new fields and values are documented here, and following is a summary:

  • Is a mobile device
  • Is a tablet
  • Mobile brand name
  • Mobile model name
  • Mobile marketing name
  • Mobile pointing method
  • Mobile has QWERTY keyboard?
  • Mobile is NFC supported?
  • Mobile has cellular radio?
  • Mobile has wifi?
  • Social network
  • Social action
  • Social action target
Content & Traffic
  • Hit type: (page, social, transaction, etc.)
  • Internal search term
  • Internal search type
Audience / Users
  • Browser size
  • IP version
  • Local currency code
Use these new filter fields for improved data analysis and for more refined and targeted reporting views.

Posted by Matt Matyas, Google Analytics Team

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