Thursday, May 23, 2013

[G] Google Analytics at Google I/O recap

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Analytics Blog: Google Analytics at Google I/O recap

It was a busy week in San Francisco at Google I/O. We unveiled new products and features, such as deeper mobile app analytics integration with Google Play and Google Tag Manager for mobile apps. If you missed the earlier announcement, you can learn about our new features here.

Our team at Google I/O!

We also gave several great presentations on some of our new features. Our Developer Relations team also showed off some tools for multi-screen measurement here, so take a look if you didn’t manage to catch our livestream this past Thursday.

We also presented on dynamically configuring mobile applications using Google Tag Manager for mobile apps, and talked about Google Analytics and AdSense data analysis in BigQuery.

It was great to see so many GA users and developers-- we can’t wait to see everyone next year at I/O!

Posted by Aditi Rajaram, Google Analytics team

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