Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[G] Driving Higher Yield for Publishers in AdX

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DoubleClick Publisher Blog: Driving Higher Yield for Publishers in AdX

DoubleClick Ad Exchange connects publishers with every major programmatic buyer and millions of AdWords advertisers. This massive pool of demand is one of the world’s largest, and it’s the foundation of our platform’s ability to help you make the most of every impression. In this post and tomorrow’s webinar (which you can still register for here), we’re going to focus on how it all works and some of the new features we’re launching to improve it.

When the programmatic channel emerged about four years ago, not only was the demand pool much smaller, but publishers didn’t have the technology to safely harness it. It was difficult to block advertisers and set price floors, and there was nothing like the granular controls and reports we now offer in AdX.

In addition, there was no mechanism to create higher-CPM programmatic opportunities. Last year we launched Preferred Deals so you can negotiate fixed-price, first-look deals with individual buyers. Since then, buyers have cut hundreds of Preferred Deals with premium publishers including Forbes, Time Inc., and others.

In the coming weeks, we’re expanding this functionality further with Private Auctions, a new deal type in which multiple buyers compete against each other for the right to access your inventory before the open auction. And if you use DFP, we’re also launching a feature that enables you to import your first party data directly from DFP to AdX to enrich the inventory you sell in Preferred Deals and Private Auctions.

Other platforms support similar kinds of deals. But only DoubleClick Ad Exchange can optimize your revenue across all these inventory and transaction types: from direct sales in your primary ad server, to Preferred Deals and Private Auctions, to an open auction powered by one of the world's largest pools of demand. In short, however you want to sell, AdX (and DFP) help you maximize your yield doing it.

Lastly, we want you to know that we’re working to increase demand in AdX even further by integrating the best of Admeld into it. We’re in the process of rolling out ad network optimization: a technology that enables tag-based networks to compete dynamically in the exchange. If you’re interested in learning more about this or anything in this post, sign up for tomorrow's webinar or reach out to our sales team.

Posted by Drew Bradstock, Senior Product Manager, DoubleClick Ad Exchange

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