Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[G] 10 for 10 publisher stories: Complementing Videdressing’s profitability

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Welcome back to our ‘10 for 10’ series, where we’re sharing publisher success stories each week as we count down to AdSense’s 10th anniversary in June.

Today we’re heading to Paris to say bonjour to Videdressing, an e-commerce site founded in 2009 by American expat Meryl Job. After looking for a medium to sell some of her clothes and noticing that a number of fashion bloggers were opening wardrobe sales, Meryl started the site to enable others to buy and sell fashion items they no longer wear. Today, the site employs over 20 people and receives over 25 million visits each month.

Since joining the AdSense program last year, Videdressing has used its AdSense revenue to complement the earnings it generates from sales and transactions. The additional income adds to the profitability of the site and is used to offer better services to its customers. Company chairman Renaud Guillerm sees advertising as “being first and foremost an additional service that we can offer our customers. Our conversion rate is only two per cent, as 98 percent of visitors browse the site without buying anything. By using AdSense we can monetise these many visits.”

Videdressing uses AdWords to advertise the site, and also makes use of Analytics to understand the site’s visitors. To date, the company has seen strong growth in France, and is looking to expand to additional markets in the future.

Read more about Videdressing’s success, and feel free to share your own AdSense success story with us. We’ll be back next week to introduce you to another publisher!

Posted by Arlene Lee - Inside AdSense Team

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