Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[G] 10 for 10 publisher stories: Lessons from Teaching Ideas

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In our third ‘10 for 10’ publisher success story leading up to AdSense’s 10th anniversary, we’ll hear from U.K. publisher Mark Warner of Teaching Ideas. The site offers thousands of free learning resources for teachers around the world, from ideas for classroom activities to printable posters. Mark launched the site in 1998 as a hobby while training to become a teacher, and it now attracts an average of 25,000 unique visitors a day.

Today, Mark generates 90 percent of the site’s income with AdSense, and also uses DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business to manage additional sources of advertising. “AdSense has had a big impact on my life,” says Mark, “allowing me to work part time, work from home, and spend more time with my family. My long-term goal is to continue building the website, making it bigger so more teachers have access to even more resources.”

For more of Mark’s story, read the full case study. We know there are many more success stories out there in the publisher community, so please feel free to share your own with us as well.

Posted by Arlene Lee - Inside AdSense Team

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