Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[G] The Ad Exchange Evolves

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DoubleClick Publisher Blog: The Ad Exchange Evolves

We’re constantly looking for ways to help publishers simplify their operations, make smarter decisions, and generate more revenue. That’s why we bought Admeld, the world’s leading Sell Side Platform (SSP), and it’s why we’ve spent the past year integrating Admeld’s best features into the Ad Exchange.

In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out a series of enhancements that provide you with even more transparency into who’s buying, more control over how you sell, and higher yield. These features don’t just represent an evolution of DoubleClick Ad Exchange, but an evolution of our philosophy about what an ad exchange should be. Combining the strengths of an SSP and an exchange into one platform is more efficient for you and it fosters a more robust marketplace--and that's ultimately better for buyers too.

Transparency & Control

We're following up on a recent redesign of our reporting system by making it easier to track the buying and bidding behaviors of advertisers, DSPs, and trading desks in granular detail. Plus, we're overhauling the Google Publisher Toolbar and the Ad Review Center (ARC) so it’ll be even easier to find and block unwanted ads. We’re also adding a feature to ARC that uses technology from Google Image Search to let you find visually similar ads by uploading any image, logo or screenshot. Register for a live webinar on April 4 to learn more about this first group of upcoming features.

Higher Yield

RTB continues to grow, but every year there are still billions coming through traditional ad networks. To help you tap into this demand, we'll be integrating Admeld’s ad network optimization engine into the exchange. Through this technology (now in closed beta), ad network tags can compete dynamically against RTB, helping to drive higher overall CPMs. We’re also introducing Private Auctions, a new way to increase yield from your high-value inventory by pitting select buyers against each other. If you use the new DFP, you’ll be able to raise the value of your Private Auction inventory even further by importing your first-party data directly into AdX. Register for a live webinar on April 18 to learn more about this second group of upcoming features.

There’s a lot more on the way, so watch this space for details. If you have questions, or you’d like a deeper dive on any of these features, contact your DoubleClick account representative or our sales team.

Posted by Scott Spencer, Director, Product Management 

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