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[G] A cornucopia of live music: Rihanna, Pitbull, Alicia Keys and more

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YouTube Blog: A cornucopia of live music: Rihanna, Pitbull, Alicia Keys and more

Starting today, channels across YouTube will host concerts from some of the most vital musicians in the game -- and you’ve got a free ticket to watch them all live. Because we know you’re going to have to plan your schedule carefully to catch all the shows, we’ve laid ‘em out for you: when, where and how you can watch.

Saturday, November 17: Bud Light Port Paradise with Pitbull and more

Pop stars in paradise? Sounds like a recipe for success to us. Watch Far East Movement, FloRida, Wiz Khalifa and Pitbull live from the Bahamas, starting at 1:30pm PT on

Saturday, November 17: Zac Brown Band

These dudes define country cool -- they’re low-key, but they have true cred and lots of hits. Who doesn’t want to see them play Madison Square Garden? 6pm PT on

Sunday, November 18: American Music Awards Red Carpet

For those of you who prefer music’s glam side, watch pop stars strut in all their finery before Sunday’s American Music Awards show. Word is some guy named Psy will make an appearance. Starts at 2pm PT on

Monday, November 19: Rihanna

The pop princess returns with a new album next week, and to celebrate, she’s doing seven shows in seven days, all over the world. Catch her London show live at 1pm PT on

Tuesday, November 20: Alicia Keys

And last, but SO not least, the divine Alicia Keys will premiere her entire new album on Tuesday via a Google Hangout streamed live on Just when you thought you couldn’t love her any more than you do.... Tune in at 4pm PT.

Sarah Bardeen, music community manager, recently watched “Dakha Brakha | A Take-Away Show (Outtakes).”


Friday, November 16, 2012

[G] Wikimedia Students Share their Knowledge this Summer

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Google Open Source Blog: Wikimedia Students Share their Knowledge this Summer

This year the Wikimedia Foundation selected nine students to work on new features and specific improvements to the software for Google Summer of Code. The students were mentored by experienced developers who helped them become part of the development community and helped guide their code development.

Congratulations to the eight students who made it through the summer of 2012, our seventh year participating in Google Summer of Code. The students all accomplished a great deal, and many of them are working to improve their projects to benefit the Wikimedia community beyond the initial goals of their summer project.

  • Ankur Anand worked on integrating Flickr upload and geolocation into UploadWizard. Ankur made it easier for Wikimedia contributors to contribute media files and metadata. You can read his wrap-up as we anticipate the merge of his code into the main UploadWizard codebase.

  • Harry Burt worked on TranslateSvg (“Bringing the translation revolution to Wikimedia Commons”). When his work is complete and deployed, we will more easily be able to use a single picture or animation in different language wikis. See this image of the anatomy of a human kidney, for example; it has a description in eight languages, so it benefits multiple language Wikipedias (e.g., Spanish and Russian). Harry aims to allow contributors to localize the text embedded within vector files (SVGs); you can watch a demo video, try out the test site, or just read Harry’s wrap-up post

  • Akshay Chugh worked on a convention/conference extension for MediaWiki. Wikimedia conferences like Wikimania often use MediaWiki to help organize their conferences, but it takes a lot of custom programming. Akshay created the beta of an extension that a webmaster could install to provide conference-related features automatically. See his wrap-up post.

  • Ashish Dubey worked on real time collaboration in the upcoming Visual Editor (you may have seen “real-time collaborative editing” in tools like Etherpad and Google Docs). Ashish has implemented a collaboration server and other features (see his wrap-up post) and has achieved real-time “spectation,” in which readers can see an editor’s changes in real time. 

Ashish is working on the architecture that will support real-time collaboration.

As further progress happens, we’ll update our page about past Google Summer of Code students. Congratulations again to the students and their mentors. And thanks to volunteer Greg Varnum, who helped me administer this year’s Google Summer of Code, and to all the staffers and volunteers who helped students learn our ways.

By Sumana Harihareswara, Engineering Community Manager and Organization Administrator for Wikimedia Foundation


[G] Imagery Update: Tour sites around the world with high-resolution imagery

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Google Lat Long: Imagery Update: Tour sites around the world with high-resolution imagery

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with comprehensive and accurate maps, we continue to steadily release new and updated imagery of places around the world as it becomes available. Here, we’ll take you on a short tour of some of our favorite locations that were included in the most recently published batch of aerial, satellite and 45-degree imagery.

New high resolution aerial and satellite imagery:

The aerial and satellite imagery in Google Maps and Google Earth has now been updated for 164 cities and 108 countries/regions. Below are a few highlights from Washington state and Austria.

The Emerald City is bucking its nickname to celebrate the Space Needle’s 50th anniversary. Check out the image below, where you can see Seattle’s iconic landmark repainted to it’s original “Galaxy Orange” color scheme.

Space Needle, Seattle

From towering above the clouds in Seattle to a celebration of rooftop art in Austria, below we find an art installation where visitors are encouraged to ascend to the top of a rooftop and travel a set of wooden bridges to see the city from a new perspective.

Bridges in the Sky, Linz, Austria

New 45° imagery available for 60 cities:

Our collection of 45° imagery in Google Maps has also recently expanded to include 40 more U.S. cities and 20 more international cities, including Luxembourg and Romania for the first time. Below are some fantastic sites from Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Though one of the smallest countries in the world by size, this European Grand Duchy plays an important role in politics because it’s the site of several institutions and agencies of the European Union. Below is one of the administrative and conference buildings.

Settlements near the Swiss pre-alpine town of Thun can be dated back as far as Neolithic times around 2500 B.C. The city’s name derives from the Celtic term “Dunum” which translates to “fortified city.” Below is Thun Castle, which was erected by the Zaehringer dynasty around 1190 A.D. and which serves as the home of the district court of the Bernese Oberland until 2009.

Below is the full list of places where we’ve recently shared new or updated imagery. Enjoy!

Cities with new high resolution 45° imagery:

United States: Baltimore, MD; Bangor, ME; Battle Creek, MI; Bay City, MI; Bowling Green, KY; Burbank, WA; Burlington, VT; Charleston, WV; Cheyenne, WY; Decatur, IL; Duluth, MN; Eau Claire, WI; Fargo, ND; Farmington Hills, MI; Fort Wayne, IN; Hagerstown, MD; Holland, MI; Huntington, WV; Iowa City, IA; Kalamazoo, MI; Kelso, WA; Kenosha, WI; La Crosse, WI; Lancaster, CA; Lawrence, MA; Lewiston, ME; Lima, OH; Loveland, OH; Madison, WI; Mansfield, OH; Morgantown, WV; Portland, ME; Queensbury, NY; Rockford, IL; St. Cloud, MN; Toledo, OH; Urbana, OH; Waterloo, IA; Wausau, WI; Youngstown, OH.

International: Arcachon, FR; Brno, CZ; Charleroi, BE; Ferrara, IT; Fribourg, CH; Gijon, ES; Leeds/Huddersfield, UK; Leipzig, DE; Luxembourg, LU; Nantes, FR; Oviedo, ES; Parma, IT; Perugia, IT; Regina, CA; Reims, FR; Rouen, FR; Saskatoon, CA; Siena, IT; Sighisoara, RO; Thun, CH.

Areas with new high resolution aerial updates:

United States: Seattle WA, Mt Rainier WA, Mt St Helens WA, Ritzville WA, Chewalah WA, Pomeroy WA, Astoria OR, Portland OR, Eugene OR, Medford OR, Drewsey OR, Silver Lake OR, Sprague River OR, Pendleton OR, Bend OR, Mt Hood OR, Sandpoint ID, Idaho Falls ID, Redway CA, Redding CA, Bishop CA, Hayfork CA, Honeylake CA, Fresno CA, San Luis Obispo CA, Joshua Tree CA, Flagstaff AZ, Holbrook AZ, Arches UT, Cherry Creek NV, Hayden NM, Winnemucca NM, Wellington NV, Libby MT, Whitefish MT, Butler MT, Glacier MT, Great Falls MT, Missoula MT, Three Forks MT, Harlem MT, Lewiston MT, Montrose CO, Lamar CO, Ft Collins CO, Limon CO, Crested Butte CO, Sheridan Lake CO, Sheridan WY, Laramie WY, Bryce Canyon UT, Pueblo Peintado NM, San Patricio NM, Petersburg ND, North Platte ND, Medina ND, Ellendale ND, Devils Lake ND, Eagle Butte SD, Gettysburg SD, Swan Creek SD, Mitchell SD, Miller SD, Edgemont SD, Spooner WI, Ladysmith WI, Hayward WI, Atkinson NE, Ord NE, Holdrege NE, Beatrice NE, Nebraska City NE, Norton KS, Junction City KS, Topeka KS, Ellsworth KS, Wakeeney KS, Goodland KS, Scott City KS, Ottawa KS, Manhattan KS, Ottawa KS, Manhattan KS, El Reno OK, Shawnee OK, Oklahoma City OK, Tulsa OK, McAlester OK, Dallas TX, Greenville TX, Palestine TX, Montevideo MN, Owatonna MN, Litchfield MN, Willmar MN, Worthington MN, Creston IA, Des Moines IA, Cedar Rapids IA, Emmetsburg IA, Algona IA, Knoxville IA, Kirksville MO, Milan MO, Sedalia MO, St Joseph MO, Willow Springs MO, Butler MO, Warrensburg MO, Kansas City MO, Clinton MO, St Louis MO, Bloomington IL, Jacksonville IL, Freeport IL, Carrollton IL, Effingham IL, Mount Vernon IL, Sterling IL, Litchfield IL, Indianapolis IN, Corinth MS, Montgomery AL, Charlotte NC, Cincinnati OH, State College PA, Gettysburg PA, New Castle PA, Saint Marys PA, Lancaster PA, Hazleton PA, Scranton PA, Pittsburgh PA, Port Jervis NY, Rockland ME
Japan: Osaka, Hiroshima, Nakama, Fukuoka, Asahikawa, Choshi, Sendai, Okazaki, Edogawa
Canada: Winnipeg
Portugal: Coimbra
Spain: Oviedo
France: Reims
Belgium: Charleroi
Luxembourg: Luxembourg
Italy: Siena, Ferrara
United Kingdom: Huddersfield
Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva
Germany: Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Wuppertal
Austria: Linz, Mistelbach, Pinkafeld
Czech Republic: Brno
Slovenia: entire country

Areas new high resolution satellite updates:

Canada, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Suriname, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, South Africa, Madagascar, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Nigeria, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Togo, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica

Posted by Eric Kolb, Geo Data Specialist

[G] The First Google Analytics Summit in Germany

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Google Analytics Blog: The First Google Analytics Summit in Germany

On November 29, 2012, Trakken and e-wolff will be hosting the Analytics Summit 2012, the first conference in Germany to focus purely on Google Analytics. 

The Analytics Summit 2012 is aimed at all users, website operators, online marketers, webmasters and decision-makers who are already using Google Analytics or are planning to use it. Under the motto "from users for users", the focus is on knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing. 

The lineup of speakers, who are also avid users of Google Analytics, will report on their experiences and share best practices and know-how. Also, members of the Google Analytics team will share insights and provide practical advice right then and there. 

Up to 300 participants can enjoy a full day dedicated to Google Analytics, located at the port of Hamburg's former main customs office, located in the center of the Speicherstadt (Hamburg’s warehouse district). 

The Analytics Summit 2012 will be hosted by certified Google Analytics partners Trakken Web Services GmbH and e-wolff Consulting GmbH.

In our experience these events sell out rapidly, so book your tickets as soon as possible.

See you in Germany!

Posted by Timo Josten, Google Analytics team


[G] Announcing the Notifications tab for publishers

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Google Affiliate Network: Announcing the Notifications tab for publishers

Communication is a key component to Affiliate marketing, so it's no surprise that advertisers and publishers exchange a lot of email. With the peak shopping season coming up, it’s critical for publishers to stay informed of important advertiser program changes to make the most of their affiliate marketing efforts. To make it easier for publishers to keep track of important account notifications from within the Google Affiliate Network interface, we’ve launched a new Notifications system.

Types of notifications

If you're a publisher, starting today you’ll receive a notification whenever an advertiser makes a change to their account that impacts your relationship or commissions. For example, if an advertiser invites you to join their program, this invitation will appear in your notifications. You’ll also receive a notification when an advertiser makes a decision on your application to their program. Other examples of the notifications you’ll receive include Commission rate changes or updates to Advertiser Specific Terms.

From the Publisher Home, you’ll see a notification alert in the upper right corner of the interface that displays the number of pending messages. When you click on the alert, you can see more information along with a link to see all notifications.

When you click the Notifications tab, you'll see a basic summary and detailed view for each communication. You can search across notifications and advertisers so you can more easily review and act on affiliate-specific notifications while you’re working in your account.

This launch is the first of a series of enhancements to communications within the Google Affiliate Network interface. For a long time, we've listened to your feedback that adding a central communication hub could help increase efficiency and reduce the need to simply rely on your email inbox for important communications. Today's launch is the first step we're making towards this hub. Our vision is to move more communications into a central location in interface so you can better track and maintain your affiliate relationships and activities.

Send your feedback

We welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions, let us know what you think by posting a comment here or in the Google Affiliate Network forum. Sign in to your account today to access the Notifications tab.

Posted by:
Joel Ingram, Software Engineer

Thursday, November 15, 2012

[G] Investing in green energy in Greene County, Iowa

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Official Google Blog: Investing in green energy in Greene County, Iowa

If you drive northwest from Des Moines, Iowa, you’ll see a lot of corn fields. From time to time, you’ll also see wind turbines rising out of those fields, making efficient use of our natural resources to produce renewable energy. It’s places like these that are home to a vibrant, emerging clean energy economy.

Today we‘re announcing that we’ve made an equity investment of $75 million in a 50MW wind farm in Rippey, a small town in Greene County, about an hour outside of Des Moines. The Rippey project, developed by RPM Access, is expected to produce enough energy to power over 15,000 Iowa homes. The project, which is now in operation, uses turbines produced by Nordex USA at their Jonesboro, Ark. facility.

Investment team members Nick Coons and Steffi Russell-Egbert visiting the Rippey project on a (windy) day in October.

We’ve taken two approaches to greening the grid in Iowa, a state where we operate a data center. Back in 2010, we entered into a long-term contract to purchase wind energy from NextEra Energy Resources’ Story County II wind farm. This time, we’re investing directly into a wind project, which has been contracted to sell all of the energy to the Central Iowa Power Cooperative, an Iowa-based utility that will deliver the energy to local consumers. We’re happy to help make more renewable energy available to Iowans and to support the growing wind energy industry in the state.

This project brings our committed investment to the renewable energy sector to more than $990 million. Read more about our previous investments on our Google Green site.

Posted by Axel Martinez, Assistant Treasurer, Head of Capital Markets

[G] Attribution Webinar Recap: Making Attribution work for Your Business

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Google Analytics Blog: Attribution Webinar Recap: Making Attribution work for Your Business

On Friday, November 2, following our public whitelist of the Attribution Modeling Tool, Bill Kee (Product Manager, Google Analytics) and Neil Hoyne (Global Program Manager, Attribution), came together to lead the 5th and final webinar in our series on marketing attribution. They identified opportunities in the customer’s journey from introduction to conversion, including:

  • Google’s recommendations for how companies should structure their own attribution programs.

  • Basics on the methodology and configuration of the Attribution Modeling Tool, and how to create custom models that can improve your business’ performance.

  • Identifying specific opportunities in attribution from brand-to-generic trends to position-based weighting.

If you weren’t able to attend the live webinar, Attribution for Digital Success, you can view a recording here:

You can also catch up with our entire attribution webinar series, which included:

  1. an overview of our research on how the industry approaches attribution (watch here),

  2. the foundational steps for attribution using Google’s tools (watch here),

  3. intra-channel attribution with Search Funnels in Google AdWords (watch here),

  4. cross-channel measurement with Multi-Channel Funnels (watch here),

  5. and finally, our most recent webinar on strategies for the Attribution Modeling Tool (watch here).

We’d like to thank all of our users who have joined us for some or all of these attribution webinars. You have provided invaluable questions, ideas and feedback to help shape the next generation of our product. Some of these requests have already been addressed, including the public availability of the Attribution Modeling Tool (now available via whitelist), longer lookback windows, and cost-data import, and others are sure to come in the future. Stay tuned and stay in touch!

As has been our tradition throughout this webinar series, we’d also like to provide responses to some of the most common and most interesting questions we received during the webinar.


What business variables influence the decision on an Attribution Model?

Any factor that could influence your business or marketing efforts, including weather, pricing and competitive behavior, could have an impact your attribution decisions. Still, we suggest that advertisers focus on those efforts that could have the largest effect on their business, usually by conversion volume as well as those that they can more easily control (paid search vs. organic search or direct traffic) for the basis of experimentation.

How is the social engagement metric calculated?

Social engagement is measured any time a user clicks from a known social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or over 400 others, to the advertiser’s website. At this time, no interactions that occur within the networks themselves, such as a “like” are presented within the Attribution Modeling Tool.

Could you further elaborate on how conversion paths are presented when a user converts multiple times within the 30-day lookback window?

Each conversion has a unique path, which includes all of the interactions the converting user had in the 30 days leading up to the conversion. When the same user converts multiple times, the conversions are treated separately. For example, is a user clicked through from Display, and completed conversion #1, this conversion would have a path length of one from the channel “Display.” If the same user subsequently clicked through from Paid Search, and completed conversion #2, assuming the original Display interaction occurred within 30 days prior to conversion #2, a second conversion path would be recorded with a path length of two: Display, followed by Paid Search.

If we submitted our account to the Attribution Modeling Tool whitelist, how long will it take until we begin to see this feature available in our Google Analytics account?

We understand how important attribution is to your business, and are incredibly grateful for all of the interest that has been shown in the modeling tool since the announcement of the public whitelist. As such, we are working as quickly as we can to add new customers to the tool and will continue to post any available updates directly on the signup form. Once your account has been whitelisted, you’ll see the Attribution Modeling Tool listed within the Multi-Channel Funnels reports, under Conversions.

Could you provide step-by-step details on how to build the models Bill described during the webinar?

We created two custom models to show examples of the types of weighting you can apply using the model builder. The first model, called “Upper Funnel” emphasizes interactions earlier in the path, from channels that are focused on introducing and informing customers, and discounts channels that may be more navigational, like branded search. The second model, called “Lower Funnel” gives more weight to marketing interactions at the end of the conversion path, but does not solely give credit to the last interaction, and excludes direct interactions that are last in the path, giving credit instead to other marketing touch points toward the end. By comparing both models to the Last Interaction model, you’re able to see the contrasts in credit given to channels, and see whether marketing efforts play the roles you think they do or not.

Here are the rules for the “Upper Funnel” model.

Upper Funnel Model, step 1: Click on the model selector then “create new
custom model” to open the custom model builder, and enter details as
pictured (click to enlarge the image):

Upper Funnel Model, step 2: Turn on “apply custom credit rules” in the custom model builder, then enter model details as pictured (click to enlarge the image):

And here are rules for the "Lower Funnel" model.

Lower Funnel Model, step 1: Click on the model selector then “create new custom model” to open the custom model builder, and enter details as pictured (click to enlarge the image):

Lower Funnel Model, step 2: Turn on “apply custom credit rules” in the custom model builder, then enter model details as pictured (click to enlarge the image):

Marketing attribution is a challenging yet worthwhile pursuit. Our hope is that this webinar series will help you as you begin (or continue) your attribution journey. For more information on the Attribution Modeling Tool, please visit our website and the Google Analytics help center.

Happy analyzing!

Posted by Sara Jablon Moked, Product Marketing Manager for Conversion and Attribution


[G] Larger hangouts Larger hangouts in Google+ for businesses, governments and schools

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Official Google Enterprise Blog: Larger hangouts Larger hangouts in Google+ for businesses, governments and schools

Posted by Ronald Ho, Product Manager, Google Apps

Like Google Apps, we think Google+ can help colleagues collaborate more easily and get things done. Google+ Hangouts in particular make it easy to hold face-to-face meetings with others from any device with a camera and an internet connection. Starting this week, you’ll be able to invite up to 15 people to a hangout, compared to the previous 10-person limit.

It’s still simple to get the most out of your hangouts: schedule a hangout in a calendar entry, join a hangout directly from Gmail and open a Google doc inside a hangout so everyone can write or edit together.

Finally, more schools will be able to use Google+. Until now, Google+ has only been available to verified higher education institutions. Now, any school using Google Apps for Education can enable Google+ and access the same features that businesses and government can.

These new features will be rolling out to Apps for Business, Education and Government customers over the next few days.

[G] AdWords for Business Credit - Now More Availability in the US

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Inside AdWords: AdWords for Business Credit - Now More Availability in the US

Last July, more than 1,400 small and medium sized businesses from across the US participated in the pilot of AdWords Business Credit, a credit card specifically for AdWords.  While a variety of different businesses benefited from the card — from Kuru Footwear to Cascadia Tents — their reasons for using AdWords Business Credit were pretty consistent.  AdWords Business Credit helps businesses pay for their advertising campaigns, keeps closer track of their spending, and most of all, frees up some ‘extra credit’ so they can invest in their businesses even further.

Get Bats Out was one of these businesses; here’s their story:

We want to make it easier for more businesses like Michael’s to manage their AdWords account so they have more time to focus on running their businesses.  That’s why we’ve recently begun to invite more businesses in the US to sign-up for AdWords Business Credit.  

Here are some details about the card:
  • In the US, AdWords Business Credit will offer an APR as low as 8.99%*, the same rate as in the pilot. 
  • Ample credit limit for AdWords advertising purchases and no annual fees
  • We’re teaming up with Comenity Capital Bank in the US, who issues the card.
After a successful US pilot and our UK launch earlier this month, we’re looking forward to expanding this program in the US, and beyond.

Posted by Brent Callinicos, VP Treasurer

*Rates range from 8.99% to 18.99% and depend on your creditworthiness as determined by Comenity Capital Bank.
**This video testimonial reflects the opinion of the advertiser and was provided at Google’s request.

[G] YouTube app now on Nintendo Wii in the U.S.

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YouTube Blog: YouTube app now on Nintendo Wii in the U.S.

Designed for the big screen and Wii Remote, the new YouTube app for Nintendo Wii brings the YouTube videos and channels you love to your TV. Wii owners in the U.S. can download the app today from the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel, and we’re bringing the app to more countries in the coming months. Here’s what to expect with the new app:

Start your YouTube journey on Wii by signing in to find the channels you’re subscribed to. You can also flip through categories like Gaming, Music, trending videos and more.

Watch the shows and channels you love on YouTube, like The Book Club from YOMYOMF Network or the official Nintendo Wii YouTube channel.

Wii Yoga have you hungry for more exercises? Try the new search features to find fun yoga videos.

Check out these features and more on the new YouTube app for Nintendo Wii, giving you another way to enjoy YouTube on the big screen.

Matt Darby, product manager, recently watched “Dragon Baby.”


[G] GAUGE Hack Night: The Results Are In!

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Analytics Blog: GAUGE Hack Night: The Results Are In!

The following is a guest post contributed by Caleb Whitmore, founder of Analytics Pros and the BEST Practices Conference, Google Analytics enthusiast, and aspiring mountaineer.

The Analytics Pros team hosted the first-ever GAUGE Hack Night & Google Analytics Application Showcase at the Boston 2012 GAUGE conference. The event consisted of a networking reception and application showcase where developers of Google Analytics integrated products had the chance to pitch their creation to a panel of industry leaders, Googlers, and the audience in 5 minutes or less. Judges included Justin Cutroni from Google, Caleb Whitmore from Analytics Pros, and a lucky audience member. Applications were evaluated by the judges based on level of Google Analytics depth and complexity, potential for business value and level of innovation and creativity.

This year’s winners were:
  • Overall Favorite: Narrative Science's Quill

Overall Favorite: Narrative Science

Narrative Science demonstrated a revolutionary new approach to automated reporting with a product called Quill™ for Google Analytics. Quill analyzes Website data and automatically generates a weekly summary of trends, highlights and lowlights in plain English. Rather than provide a series of tables and graphs, users receive a succinct summary similar to one written by a professional analyst.

Quill reviews and interprets a year's worth of Google Analytics data to deliver insight in an easy-to-understand, mobile-friendly format. Instead of having to traverse spreadsheets to derive insights from your data, Narrative Science pulls out the most important trends and delivers them in a way that they’re ready to digest. The product is currently in private beta; interested users can request an invite.

A screenshot of an executive summary generated by Narrative Science’s Quill

Judges’ Choice: Demandbase

Demandbase is the first real-time targeting and personalization platform for B2B that helps you segment your Analytics based on the account details of your customers.  Their solution for Google Analytics puts powerful B2B Analytics into marketers’ hands. Demandbase enables users to understand how to better engage your customers based on how they interact with your online content.

To get this Demandbase data into Google Analytics, Demandbase provides its customers with an easy to use connector. Users select the Demandbase attributes they want populated in their custom variables and with a choice of asynchronous tracking with Pageviews or with a Custom Non-Interaction event, the connector provides a custom tag that can replace or be placed alongside their existing GATC (depending on what method is selected).

A screenshot of Demandbase’s connector interface and tracking script generator

Social Media Favorite: CampaignAlyzer

CampaignAlyzer is a web-based solution that acts as a central repository platform where organizations can store their marketing campaign values in one database. Marketing agencies and digital marketers across an organization now have the ability to collaborate in tagging various online and offline campaigns, and ensure consistency in their campaign tagging.

The application streamlines campaign tagging into a process that is efficient, timely, accurate, adaptive, value-added and business critical. With CampaignAlyzer analysts wouldn’t need to worry about tags and where they should go. Instead they’ll now have more time to do what they should have been doing in the first place; data analysis and measuring the success of their marketing campaigns.

A view of the CampaignAlyzer Campaign Management dashboard

Explore the Analytics Ecosystem

Narrative Science, Demandbase and CampaignAlyzer represent some of the new and innovative approaches that companies are using to rethink many of the problems facing the Analytics industry.  If you’re interested in exploring more ways to make the most of Google Analytics, check out the Google Analytics App Gallery to turbocharge your collection, measurement and analysis.

Are you a developer building on the Analytics platform? Let us know what you’re working on!

Posted by John Milinovich, Google Analytics API Team

[G] New and improved Blogger mobile apps

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Blogger Buzz: New and improved Blogger mobile apps

Inspiration for a new post can happen at any place and time: on the couch, while shopping, at a game, or in the kitchen. Fortunately, mobile devices enable you to stay connected wherever you are.

With that in mind, we just launched updated apps for both Android and iOS. The updated apps include a visual facelift and other features which make it easier for you to create and share -- wherever your imagination runs wild. Some of the more notable improvements include:

  • Landscape support for composing posts
  • Sharing to Google+
  • Ability to view a scheduled post time
  • International support in 30+ languages
  • iPad support

We hope you enjoy these improvements, and keep writing great blog content on the go. 

Get Blogger in the Play store to get the latest on your Android phone or the App Store for iOS devices.

[G] Get local in time for the holidays and beyond

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Inside AdWords: Get local in time for the holidays and beyond

This holiday season, make it easy for your customers to find, visit, and call your business with AdWords location targeting and location extensions. Location targeting shows your ads to customers in specific geographic areas you want to reach, while location extensions dynamically attach your business address and phone number to your ads. Today, we are announcing a few improvements to these two features and making them available in more countries to help your business “get local” for the holidays.

What’s new

1. Introducing airport targeting: A new way to reach travelers on the go
Whether people are checking a flight status or passing time before take-off, mobile and tablet devices have become indispensable for airport-goers. With the launch of airport targeting, businesses are now able to connect with potential customers on mobile, tablet or laptop devices in more than 350 airports around the world via AdWords.  

With airport targeting, you can offer relevant, last-minute travel and entertainment opportunities, promote your mobile application to airport travelers, amplify interest in your in-airport campaigns, build your brands with mobile display ads, and much more.  Plus, you can easily review the performance of these campaigns using geographic performance reports.  

2. Location extensions and sitelinks show together
Location extensions can now be shown alongside one-line sitelinks in text ads (on desktop and laptop computers) and will continue to show with two-line and three-line sitelinks. If you have a multi-channel business, consider using location extensions in addition to sitelinks to help you highlight specific areas of your business. 

3. Larger, more useful maps
Location extensions on desktop and laptop computers will now appear with a larger, more engaging map panel that will replace the current expandable map. When the location extension address is clicked, this new map panel appears to the right of the top search results.


Early testing suggests that users will click to see locations on a map more frequently than with our previous design.  

4. Better location matching for customers
Features such as postal code targeting in the U.S., have enabled us to show closer and more relevant locations to your customers from within your location extensions. At the same time, if you have a specialty or destination business such as a niche boutique or a ski resort, your location extensions can be shown to people who are located nearby, but who aren’t within your business’s postal code -- so you also can attract customers who are willing to travel longer distances to visit your business.

5. Online conversion reporting for Location Extensions
If you use AdWords conversion tracking, you probably want to know how location extensions affect your online conversion rates. Earlier this year, we included online conversion data within ad extensions reports to help you analyze the overall impact of location extensions on online conversions and measure your online conversions per location more effectively.

6. Geo-targeting and location extensions available in more countries
In addition to previously announced updates to location extensions and geo-targeting options in more countries, we’re excited to make location extensions available in Argentina, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, UAE, and Vietnam.

We have also expanded geo-targeting options in the following countries: counties in the United Kingdom, departments in France, and cities in Argentina, Russia, and United Arab Emirates.

Here’s a
full list of location targets available globally.

Get local
We hope these improvements will make it easier for you to highlight your local business information for customers, both during and after this busy holiday season. If you’re new to local ads, or would just like to learn more, check out our help center for step-by-step instructions on setting up location extensions and location targeting. And, you can always contact AdWords support.

Posted by Smita Hashim, Group Product Manager