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[G] Announcing the Notifications tab for publishers

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Google Affiliate Network: Announcing the Notifications tab for publishers

Communication is a key component to Affiliate marketing, so it's no surprise that advertisers and publishers exchange a lot of email. With the peak shopping season coming up, it’s critical for publishers to stay informed of important advertiser program changes to make the most of their affiliate marketing efforts. To make it easier for publishers to keep track of important account notifications from within the Google Affiliate Network interface, we’ve launched a new Notifications system.

Types of notifications

If you're a publisher, starting today you’ll receive a notification whenever an advertiser makes a change to their account that impacts your relationship or commissions. For example, if an advertiser invites you to join their program, this invitation will appear in your notifications. You’ll also receive a notification when an advertiser makes a decision on your application to their program. Other examples of the notifications you’ll receive include Commission rate changes or updates to Advertiser Specific Terms.

From the Publisher Home, you’ll see a notification alert in the upper right corner of the interface that displays the number of pending messages. When you click on the alert, you can see more information along with a link to see all notifications.

When you click the Notifications tab, you'll see a basic summary and detailed view for each communication. You can search across notifications and advertisers so you can more easily review and act on affiliate-specific notifications while you’re working in your account.

This launch is the first of a series of enhancements to communications within the Google Affiliate Network interface. For a long time, we've listened to your feedback that adding a central communication hub could help increase efficiency and reduce the need to simply rely on your email inbox for important communications. Today's launch is the first step we're making towards this hub. Our vision is to move more communications into a central location in interface so you can better track and maintain your affiliate relationships and activities.

Send your feedback

We welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions, let us know what you think by posting a comment here or in the Google Affiliate Network forum. Sign in to your account today to access the Notifications tab.

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