Monday, October 1, 2012

[G] Google Maps Roundup for September: Making Google Maps even better for you

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Google Lat Long: Google Maps Roundup for September: Making Google Maps even better for you

As always, we’re focused on making Google Maps the best it can be for people around the world. In September, we added many new features to Google Maps, introduced new Street View imagery, and made existing imagery even more accurate so people have access to the most comprehensive maps possible. A few highlights from September are below:

Expansion of Google Maps features in more places
  • To help motorists save time and reduce stress on the road, we expanded Google Maps Navigation (Beta) with voice guided, turn-by-turn directions to thousands of towns across India and nine countries in the Middle East and North Africa. To help drivers even more, we’ve added live traffic conditions for major roads in India as well as in the cities of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Kuwait City, Kuwait; and Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  • In New Zealand, local cyclists can now access biking directions directly on Google Maps and use Map Maker to add bike lanes and trails if their favorite route is missing or they discover a new one. Beyond biking trails, Map Maker can also be used to make the New Zealand map more accurate with details such as new road names, building footprints and more.
  • We’re now working with more than 50 venues in France, including shopping malls, retailers, airports and museums, to have their indoor floor plans appear on Google Maps for Android.

Access to new, amazing places with Street View

More high-quality imagery

Posted by Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps and Earth

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