Friday, September 28, 2012

[G] Social Fridays: Track and measure the performance of your +page

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Inside AdSense: Social Fridays: Track and measure the performance of your +page

Every Friday, we’re posting Google+ tips to help publishers make the most of all of the features and resources available. Be sure to check back each week for the latest in our educational Social Fridays series!

We know publishers love metrics, and so following on last week's look at Google+ Ripples, today we’ll show you how you can analyze the impact of your Google+ page with Social Reports in Google Analytics.

If you’re already using Analytics to measure traffic to and interaction with your pages, be sure to use Social Reports to analyze your social media efforts. The Social Sources report will show you the social networks that are driving traffic to your site or any specific page, and help you identify which content is popular across various networks. In addition, you can compare the time spent on your site by visitors coming from various networks to see where engagement is the highest.

Also be sure to visit the Social Sharing report to gain an understanding of which of your social media share buttons are being clicked and for which content. Analytics will automatically report the +1 activity you receive from visitors on your site, and other social plug-ins can be easily adapted to report to Analytics.

Give these reports a try to gain a better understanding of how your social efforts are impacting user engagement. Have you made any updates to your content or your +page after viewing these reports? Visit our AdSense +page to share your tips with other readers.

Now that you know how to monitor your success with Google+, tune in next week when we’ll share a publisher case study. Have a great weekend!

Posted by Arlene Lee - Inside AdSense Team


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