Thursday, September 20, 2012

[G] Ecommerce Filtering and Custom Variables

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Google Analytics Blog: Ecommerce Filtering and Custom Variables

We’re always looking to improve the way you can analyze metrics in Google Analytics, and ecommerce is one subset of data that is of particular importance to many of our users. That’s why we are making updates to our tracking code and processing which will result in improvements to filtering and custom variables for ecommerce sites. These changes will allow you to better filter, segment and categorize the revenue generating portion of your traffic. 

We wanted to notify users in advance of the expected rollout Friday in order to ensure you are prepared and aware. 

What’s changing: You will now be able to utilize custom variables for your ecommerce data, allowing you to better segment your revenue generating traffic. We will also be expanding filters for ecommerce to support page title, hostname, request URI & internal search term. Previously ecommerce data didn’t respect profile filters for “page-level” data. 

As an example: Say you are tracking and In order to analyze store traffic separately you have created a duplicate profile with a filter that includes traffic to only. Currently, ecommerce reports would include data across both and which is not working as expected. Following this change, ecommerce reports would respect the filter to only include data from which we believe is the correct behavior. 

Important Note: If you have any profile filters for page level data (i.e. hostname or URI filters, which are somewhat common), keep in mind that this change will mean ecommerce data is only included for the subset of traffic you are filtering for. We would strongly encourage you to take a look at your filters to ensure there are no unexpected disruptions following this change. 

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