Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[G] PubTalk Hangout: Add up to 3 content ad units to your page

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Inside AdSense: PubTalk Hangout: Add up to 3 content ad units to your page

Welcome to the second video in our publisher feedback series. Hopefully you’ve been able to test ad sizes and placements since our last post!

During the same Hangout, publishers Al Gross of infosports.com,  Katie and Gene Hamilton of diyornot.com, and Voitek Klimczyk of simplyadditions.com discussed how adding additional content ad units to their pages significantly helped increase their AdSense revenue. In the past, we’ve seen publishers increase their earnings by 400% by adding a maximum of three content units to their pages.

Watch this video to see why these publishers made the change and continue to check our blog for more optimization tips. To hear what other publishers have to say and to get involved in the conversation, follow AdSense on Google+.

Visit our Help Center to learn more about best practices for balancing ad units and page content, and to learn how to measure the effect of multiple ad units.

Posted by Julia Eckstein - Inside AdSense Team

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