Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[G] A new look for the AdSense interface

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Inside AdSense: A new look for the AdSense interface

We’ve been making continuous improvements to the AdSense interface, whether it’s adding new features or redesigning pages you frequently use.  As part of our Google-wide initiative to deliver a simpler, more beautiful experience across all of our products, in the next few days we’ll be giving your AdSense account a facelift. Your account will still have the same general structure, but you’ll notice some gradual updates to introduce cleaner design elements. If you’re also using Analytics or AdWords, you’ll be familiar with some of the updates.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new look:

One of the changes you’ll notice is the location of help content in your account, which we’re moving from the left navigation bar to a dedicated ‘Help’ link in the top right corner of your account. We’ve also added the ‘Send Feedback’ link there so you can quickly let us know if something isn’t working as intended. Please note that account support won’t be available from this link, so we ask that you continue to use our Help Center to find answers or contact forms for specific questions.

Also, when visiting the “Performance reports” tab, you’ll notice that your reports are now organized by type. Click ‘Common reports’ to access your standard reports, and then use the new date range selector. You’ll still be able to choose to either see your default report or daily account performance, just as before.

We’ll be gradually introducing these updates to AdSense accounts in the next few days, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions in the meantime. Feel free to leave a comment on our AdSense +Page, and stay tuned to our blog for additional updates. If you have questions about these updates, visit our Help Center for more information.

Posted by Arlene Lee -- Inside AdSense Team

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