Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[G] A New Look and Additional Publisher Controls on DoubleClick’s Ad Exchange

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DoubleClick Publisher Blog: A New Look and Additional Publisher Controls on DoubleClick’s Ad Exchange

As part of our Google-wide initiative to deliver a new and improved Google experience across all of our products, we’ve been making continuous enhancements to the Ad Exchange. Now, when you log into your account, it will still have the same structure but you’ll notice that some gradual updates have been made. There are some new settings in the interface, including cleaner design elements. If you are also using AdSense, Analytics or AdWords, you’ll be familiar with some of these updates.

The Ad Exchange interface has been refreshed with newly designed menus, tabs, navigation, and buttons. This new look simplifies the interface to make it more visually appealing, while keeping the features where you are accustomed to finding them.

Check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ look:

Old Interface: Notice changes made to the Left Navigation panel.

New Interface: Notice updated Left Navigation, Contextual Help and Alert Summary locations.

To provide a more intuitive environment with a streamlined look, we have moved and added a few things. Here are some of the update highlights:

  • Contextual Help: One of the changes you’ll notice is the location of help content in your account, which has moved from the left navigation bar to a dedicated ‘Help’ link in the top right corner of every page in your account.

  • Alert Summary: We’ve added a new alert summary to the top of the page which collects all of the critical alerts for your account together in one place. Now, when you click the alert summary, a full list of your critical alerts displays without navigating you to a different page.

  • Performance Reports: You’ll notice that your Performance Reports are now organized by type (Common reports, Quick reports, Saved reports). Click ‘Common reports’ to access your standard reports, and then use the new date range selector. You’ll still be able to choose to either see your default report or daily account performance, just as before. You can read more about these updates in the Ad Exchange help center.

More Granular Publisher Controls
To give our publishers more granular controls over the ad categories available on their sites, we’ve also updated the blocking options within publisher controls. 

New Interface: Provides Filter Control in General categories at the ad unit level.

When you create or edit an ad unit, the Ad Exchange now enables publishers to set up an additional filter -- to block general categories at the ad unit level, which was previously only available at the account level.

- Posted by Scott Spencer, Director, Product Management

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