Friday, July 27, 2012

[G] A more accurate starting point in Google Maps

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Google Lat Long: A more accurate starting point in Google Maps

Maps users have told us that when they embark on a journey, they often want to start from their current location. That’s why today we’re making Google Maps more useful by automatically zooming into your city as the starting point for your search. Now you can dive right in and discover the local businesses, restaurants and attractions near you, without having to manually enter your location. Much easier and faster.

We show the details of your starting point in the left panel. And if for some reason your starting point isn’t correct you can easily add your street address, zip code, city and state, or country by clicking on the Correct it link.

Location information displayed on left with option to correct it.

For those of you who’ve already set a Default Location with Google Maps, we hope you’ll appreciate this smart new feature that we hope will make Google Maps easier to use for your next adventure.

Posted by Andrey Salaev, Software Engineer, Google Maps

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