Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Google Lat Long: Inside Map Makerpedia

Less than a year ago, we launched the Map Makerpedia to bring together the collective knowledge and expertise of the Map Maker community into a Wiki-style guide. We recently rolled out an update to the site, which includes a more intuitive layout and revised templates.

We’re thrilled to share these updates and a brief overview of the developments we’ve made over the past few months that have made it an invaluable resource for mappers across the globe.

Map Makerpedia is now divided into three broad categories, “Mapping Tutorials,” “Regional Hubs” and “Community Projects.”

The revised Map Makerpedia layout

The “Mapping Tutorials” pages offer mapping lessons and tutorial videos. Nineteen articles, ranging from “How to map a golf course” to “Mapping roundabouts,” and six videos (in languages as diverse as Russian and Kurdish) currently comprise the Mapping Tutorials section.

Some Help articles in Maps 101

The “Community Projects” section sets the stage for organizers of MapUps to share their event experiences while encouraging others to try their hand at organizing community mapping sessions. From chronicling the efforts of mappers in disaster management and the uplifting of slums, to providing a platform for a veteran mapper to showcase his teaching initiatives, Community Projects is a practical handbook on the benefits of mapping.

Community Projects - on the ground

The “Regional Hubs” section provides a one-stop source for all the regional guidelines. The Regional Hubs not only bring together mappers of one country or territory together under one umbrella, but they also enable mappers from one part of the world to help others across the globe.

Examples of Regional Hubs

Finally, any mention of Map Makerpedia is incomplete without a heartfelt thanks to its amazing contributors! From the sandy dunes of Jordan to paddy-filled Vietnam, from chilly North America to the sunny Asian Sub Continent, with the Pearl of Africa adorning, this is one diverse community.

You too can share your knowledge on Map Makerpedia. Get started!

Posted by Nadeem Ahmed, Map Maker Community team lead
URL: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2012/07/inside-map-makerpedia.html

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