Friday, June 22, 2012

[G] Hot Summer Games

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Google Chrome Blog: Hot Summer Games

In my mind, summer always means more free time. And more free time is the perfect opportunity to play some of the latest Chrome Web Store games.

I’m really excited to play From Dust, an award winning strategy adventure in which you control nature to help your tribe survive. The newly released Cut the Rope is also at the top of my list. This addictive physics game requires precise planning and timing to successfully feed candy to a little green monster called Om Nom.

Another game I’m hooked on is Fairway Solitaire, a mix of golf and solitaire played against a pesky gopher. Other cool new titles include Go Home Dinosaurs, Command and Conquer, and many, many more. And if I’m traveling for the summer and don’t have Wi-Fi, I can always enjoy of my favorite offline games, such as Angry Birds, Ookicookie and Solitaire.

To get these and other games, just visit the Chrome Web Store. For those of you who don’t have Chrome, you can download it here with 17 of our favorite games pre-installed.

Have fun playing!

Posted by Ricardo Bruno, Web Store Merchandising Coordinator and Expert at Cutting Ropes

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