Thursday, June 14, 2012

[G] AdSense now available for websites in Slovenian and Estonian

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Inside AdSense: AdSense now available for websites in Slovenian and Estonian

If you have a website in Slovenian or Estonian, you'll now be able to earn money through the AdSense program. To get started, review the basics of AdSense and our policies, then sign up for a free account. Already an active AdSense publisher? Simply place the AdSense ad code on your sites in Slovenian or Estonian to start showing targeted ads.

If your application for AdSense with a Slovenian or Estonian website was previously disapproved for being in an unsupported language, you’re welcome to resubmit it by logging in with the original login details you provided.

For now, you’ll be able to access the interface and help resources in English, as we heard from your feedback that you’d prefer to begin using the program in the meantime. Rest assured that we’re working to provide help content in these languages in the near future.

We look forward to welcoming our Slovenian and Estonian publishers to the AdSense program!

Posted by Ulrike Jung -- Product Sales Lead


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