Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[G] Visit the Baltic nations of Estonia and Latvia with Street View

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Google Lat Long: Visit the Baltic nations of Estonia and Latvia with Street View

You can now virtually visit the Baltic States of Estonia and Latvia using the Street View feature in Google Maps.

Lets start in Estonia with a peek into the capital of Tallinn, a medieval city characterized by its cobbled streets and red roofs. Here’s a view the Town Hall Square.

Also in Tallinn you have the Toompea Castle, which is a historic site built on top of the Toompea Hill and now houses the Parliament of Estonia.

Moving south to Latvia, lets first visit the square of Riga Dom Cathedral, which is one of favourite places both for locals and city guests to relax in an outdoor cafe, listen to live music and experience a true atmosphere of medieval old town.

Also, take a look at the bridge over river Gauja in Sigulda. Thanks to the picturesque valley, many newlyweds choose to cross the bridge, symbolizing their wedding as two shores coming together. If you ever happen to visit (at least on Street View), be sure that you will get only the warmest welcomes from wedding guests.

There are a ton more sites to visit through Street View and we hope this can inspire you to visit these two countries in the near future! To learn more about Street View please visit

Posted by Karl Pae, Google Estonia and Didzis Vilcans, Google Latvia

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