Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[G] Zap! Finding the right app and extension just got easier

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Google Chrome Blog: Zap! Finding the right app and extension just got easier

Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced several new features to make it easier to discover new apps and extensions. These can be especially helpful, as the number of apps and extensions in the Chrome Web Store has grown to the tens of thousands.

Starting today, Chrome Web Store users can try out an early version of the new “Trending” view. Ranging from “warm” to “on fire”, this view shows which apps and extensions are currently growing fastest in the store.

App subcategories were also recently introduced into the store. These allow you to dig deeper into each app category. For example, in the “Entertainment” category you can click on the “Music & Radio” subcategory to only view music related apps.

Searching for a particular app has also improved. Our search box now sports autocomplete suggestions that guide you to the app or extension you are looking for, faster.

And for those of you looking for apps with a particular functionality - e.g. apps that work offline - our new app badges can be of help. Just look for them on the top section of an app’s landing page in the store and click on them if you want to see other apps that have the same functionality. They now come in two flavors - playable on Google+ and offline - and more will follow.

All of these improvements will especially come in handy as more apps and extensions launch every day. In the last few weeks, almost all the Google+ games have become available in the store, like the new exclusive Kingdom Age. These add to a slate of new Native Client games like MiniNinjas and new productivity and entertainment apps and extensions like Share on Meebo, Hotmail, and Google's My Chrome Theme and Google Play Movies.

Posted by Shannon Guymon, Product Manager

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