Friday, April 27, 2012

[G] See 3D buildings in a whole new way with Google MapsGL

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Google Lat Long: See 3D buildings in a whole new way with Google MapsGL

In March, we shared news of a significant improvement over our previous 3D buildings in Google Maps, providing a much more recognizable view of thousands of important buildings around the world. Now, we’ve brought this enhanced 3D experience to Google MapsGL as well.

Google MapsGL is a true 3D experience affording a perspective called “parallax”, so you can get different views of a building depending on where you pan. Here are a few comparisons of this 3D upgrade for some landmarks around the world:

Here’s Big Ben before and after

the Eiffel Tower before and after

the Piazza del Duomo before and after

and the Seattle Space Needle before and after.

But those are just a few of the many improved 3D landmarks now available around the world. Along with our recent launch of Google MapsGL photo tours we hope you enjoy these more realistic perspectives and tours of buildings you might want to visit or see in your own neighborhoods!

Posted by Sean Egan, Software Engineer, Google Maps

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