Friday, April 27, 2012

[G] Bahrain Grand Prix, France goes to run-off ballot, Plane crash in Pakistan

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YouTube Blog: Bahrain Grand Prix, France goes to run-off ballot, Plane crash in Pakistan

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  • We saw the controversial Bahrain F1 Grand Prix proceed on Sunday, despite continuing anti-government protests.

  • We monitored the presidential elections in France as Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande geared up their campaign efforts ahead of the May 6 French presidential run-off ballot.

  • We were shocked at scenes of devastation in Pakistan after a plane crash caused the deaths of over 100 people.

  • We watched George Zimmerman secure bail from Seminole County jail after posting 10 percent of his $150,000 bond.

  • We followed the GOP candidates as the race for the Republican nomination all but concluded with Mitt Romney's latest primary victories.

  • We observed students clash with police in Montreal as a protest over tuition hikes turned ugly.

  • We were saddened at the deaths of seven as flash floods swept away a church youth group in Kenya.

  • We viewed fading optimism that the presence of UN observers in Syria would decrease violence after 70 people were reported killed in a bomb blast in Hama.

  • Finally, we marked Earth Day with a selection of YouTube films uploaded to create awareness of the occasion.

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Olivia Ma, YouTube News & Politics, recently watched "War and Terror in Liberia: VICE Presents 007."


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