Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[G] Mapping the March to Tampa

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Google Lat Long: Mapping the March to Tampa

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Super Tuesday has arrived! So far, 12 states have held caucuses or primaries to nominate a Republican presidential candidate in time for the RNC convention in Tampa this August. Today, 10 more states with 419 delegates at stake will get a chance to add their voices. From Alaska’s Bering Sea to the Georgia’s Golden Isles, voting will span five time zones and over 4,000 miles; by the time polling closes in Nome, AK, it’ll be 12 a.m. on the East Coast.

Our Politics & Elections team has mapped the results of every contest since Iowa, and now we’ve upgraded the visualization. The new map lets you track both the state-by-state numbers as well as the results by county, with delegate counts in addition to raw numbers and percentages from the AP. This auto-updating map will live on, and outlets subscribing to Associated Press election results can also embed it on their site.

We also have some other great tools to help you make sense of this year’s political scene. Our infographic gallery features Google Insights for Search data, much of which is broken down by state to make sense of regional variation. Follow the Google+ page for Hangouts on Air with prominent political reporters and daily insight. And if you just want to quickly look up how things are going, you’ll find fresh results in Google search on both desktop and mobile.

Posted by Jesse Friedman, Google Politics & Elections Team

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