Thursday, March 22, 2012

[G] Explore Poland on Street View

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Google Lat Long: Explore Poland on Street View

This June, the eyes of soccer fans from around the world will be on Poland and Ukraine as they host the 2012 European Football Championship. In addition to the more than one million tourists expected to visit Poland alone, now everyone can explore this beautiful country that just became available via the Street View feature in Google Maps today.

Located in the heart of Europe, Poland has a great history and many fascinating sites. Street View now allows you to take a virtual walk around Cracow, named one of the most interesting cities to visit in Europe. Cracow’s Main Square dates back to 13th century and is one of the largest market squares in Europe.

In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, you can explore the Old Town, part of the city which was completely destroyed during World War II and now is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Poland also has some great places to spend free time and relax. On the seaside you can have walk on the longest European wooden pier, which is located in Sopot. Travel 700km south and you’ll be in the Tatra mountains, where you can have a beautiful view of Dolina Chochołowska, or have a walk on Krupówki street in Zakopane.

Whether you are planning your visit for the European Football Championships in June or you simply want to explore our country at the heart of Europe, we hope you enjoy this special view of Poland.

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