Friday, March 2, 2012

[G] Chrome dons a suit and heads to Washington

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Google Chrome Blog: Chrome dons a suit and heads to Washington

For the same reasons you might choose Chrome for your home or work computer -- speed, simplicity, security -- businesses and organizations are choosing to give Chrome to their employees. Just over a year ago we announced that Chrome would get a special set of tools for IT admins at organizations, giving them controls to easily set up, push out and manage the browser in a professional environment. Now guess what? The US Department of State made Chrome available to all employees, and just two weeks later, more than 58,000 of their employees have Chrome installed.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announces Chrome for employees at 35:10.

Read more from our guest blogger Chris Bronk from the US Department of State on the Google Enterprise blog, and check out the Chrome for Business website.

Posted by Glenn Wilson, Product Manager

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