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[G] Top five policy resources to know

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Inside AdSense: Top five policy resources to know

Recently, we shared our 2012 resolutions in this post based on your feedback from our bi-annual publisher satisfaction survey. One of the key areas that we’re dedicated to improving is transparency around our program policies. This means clarifying the messaging that goes out in our notifications, but also pointing you to the right resources and contact forms to troubleshoot your policy issues.

Here, we’ve listed our top five policy resources to help you find the answers you’re looking for. By using the information listed below, you’ll not only learn more about our policies and how to avoid frequent violations, but you’ll also help us resolve your questions more efficiently as well.


1. Help Center

The AdSense Help Center
is the best resource for you to gain policy knowledge and contact the
policy team. We’re constantly adding and updating information to answer
our most frequently asked questions. As you may have noticed, the Help
Center has a new interface
to better help you navigate topics of interest. You can read about all
our policies by clicking on the sub-channels under "Policy &
Traffic Quality Guidelines" on the homepage. We've included several
examples in the "Content Policies" and "Ad Implementation Policies" sections to help you understand the policies more clearly. If you want to report or appeal a violation, use the "Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution" tool.

2. Blog

If you’re reading this now, you’ve already made the first step toward learning more about our policies. The AdSense blog contains a wealth of information from product updates, optimization tips, and upcoming publisher events. You’ll also find a special category for “Program Policies" listed on the right side which includes articles that deep dive into our policies to clarify common points of confusion (e.g. adult content, creating unique content) as well as best practices to help keep your account clean (e.g. invalid clicks, monitoring user-generated content). Get the latest updates sent to you by following the blog via email or feed.

3. Forum

The AdSense Help Forum is a platform for publishers to share best practices and interact with each other. The Forum can provide a wealth of information for AdSense questions related to our policies. Our Top Contributors contributed over 100K posts last year to the AdSense community, helping us to provide scalable support by answering publishers’ questions, and escalating urgent or unusual cases to the attention of Google employees.

4. Policy webinars

The AdSense policy team hosts online policy seminars from time to time in different regions. We provide policy trainings to clarify policies in detail and answer your questions. If you’re interested in attending future events like these, make sure that you’re opted in to ‘Special Offers’ in your email preferences within your AdSense account. Visit our Help Center to review our previous webinar recordings.

5. Email notifications & contacting us

Getting important messages to you is our priority, so ensure that your AdSense account has your most up-to-date email address. Additionally, you can view all policy notifications by visiting the Messages page, under the Home tab when you sign in to your AdSense account.

We know that you may occasionally need to escalate to us directly and you can do so by using the correct policy troubleshooter in the Help Center. Bear in mind that you’ll only receive responses from our team for answers which can't be found in our Help Center. Skim through previous policy blog posts or try typing in your question in the Help Forum to see if other publishers have had similar issues or questions. Chances are that we’ve addressed the most commonly asked questions, so you’ll be able to resolve your issues even quicker.

We hope the above resources will make your policy learning experience more enjoyable, efficient, and useful. Stay tuned for more policy information coming on our blog.

Posted by Lingjuan Zhang, AdSense Policy Team

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