Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[G] Celebrate Kisses Across Canada

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Google Lat Long: Celebrate Kisses Across Canada

First kisses, last kisses and all those kisses in between... here’s your chance to kiss and tell!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Canada Kiss Map is a Google Maps API powered application that enables users to share the stories and locations of their most memorable smooches.


Creator Chris Kay Fraser teaches creative writing and moonlights as an independent Maps API developer. She views this clever use of the Google Maps API as an opportunity for Canadians to share their romantic tales. All entries are anonymous and must be 500 characters or less.

Fraser launched a smaller scale version of the project in the summer called the Toronto Kiss Map which already has thousands of entries. As Fraser told the Canadian Press, “people have responded in incredible ways.”

Check it out for yourself, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all our users - in Canada and around the world!

Posted by Aaron Brindle, Google Canada

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