Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[G] A new forum for Google Analytics using Google Product Forums

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Google Analytics Blog: A new forum for Google Analytics using Google Product Forums

The Google Analytics Forum is a community of people like you, who enjoy exploring making full use of the features of Google Analytics and also enjoy sharing their knowledge within the community.  It’s a place where you can share expertise or seek out answers. It’s also a great way to escalate bugs and critical issues. Googlers such as myself and many of our Google Analytics Certified Partners are monitoring and can provide speedy help and feedback.

To make the forums even better, we’ve migrated to the new Google Product Forums on January 12, 2012 as they offer increased stability and the potential to add exciting new features in the future - here’s the link to the Google Analytics forum using the new platform. The most popular forum features - including levels and marking a best answer - will continue to be available in the new forum. The old forum will be archived and any links to old forum content will redirect automatically to the corresponding content in the new forum.

Here’s a getting started guide so you can learn about some of the new features.

Top Contributors were given a demo of the new platform at Google’s first ever Global Top Contributor Summit in September and I’d like to give special thanks to Top Contributors Phil Pearce (PPC_Guru) and Bronwyn Vourtis (Whims) for attending the event. Thanks also to Rachaell and Nayan for continued involvement in the community and to all of you who have provided feedback and participated in testing.  We’ll continue to listen to your feedback to improve the platform and ensure the migration goes smoothly.

Aruna, Community Manager - Google Analytics

URL: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/blogspot/tRaA/~3/c6mrwYEY0MA/new-forum-for-google-analytics-using.html

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