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[G] Think With Google’s December Adventure: Display and 2011 Trends Recap

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Inside AdWords: Think With Google’s December Adventure: Display and 2011 Trends Recap

Think With Google's December Adventure finished its third week with a focus on display and trends from 2011.

Here are the five insights and tips we covered this week:
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#1. Monday: Rich media ads are 2.7x as effective in driving purchase intent vs. basic Flash
  • Be sure to make video a core component of your display advertising mix to maximize holiday sales.
#2. Tuesday: 96% of people visiting a website leave without completing a transaction
  • Use remarketing to follow-up with targeted shoppers who browsed your products and left, or abandoned their shopping carts part-way through the purchase process.
#3. Wednesday: Rich media ads grew 66% last year and are predicted to be over 50% of all display ads by 2015
#4. Thursday: Use Google Zeitgeist 2011 to see the hottest gifts and trends for holiday shopping lists
  • Our year-end Google Zeitgeist launches today, and it's chock full of fascinating tidbits about what's been burning up the search queries this past year
#5. Friday: The search for holiday gifts is on!
  • Find out what's burning up the search charts as we approach the holidays with this week's top shopping queries.
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Posted by Andrew Truong, Inside AdWords Crew

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