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[G] Think With Google’s December Adventure: Mobile Tips Recap

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Inside AdWords: Think With Google’s December Adventure: Mobile Tips Recap

Think With Google’s December Adventure continued this week with a focus on mobile.

Here are the four mobile-related insights and tips we covered this week (and a fun factoid):
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#1 Monday: Search from mobile devices up 5x in the past two years!
  • Capture the mobile opportunity with separate campaigns targeting mobile devices only. Advertisers with mobile-optimized sites and mobile-targeted campaigns have seen an average 11.5% increase in mobile CTR.
#2 Tuesday: 59% of users visit a business and 40%+ make a purchase after using their smartphones to find local information
  • Use AdWords location extensions to showcase key business information, including your address, phone number and driving directions.
#3 Wednesday: 65% of tablet owners use their tablets at least one hour per day
  • Target tablet devices as part of your AdWords campaigns and, if you have tablet specific products or services, create tablet-only campaigns.
#4 Thursday: 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from mobile-optimized websites
  • Get best practices and personalized tips on how to make your website more mobile-friendly at
#5. Friday Fun Factoid: One, Two, Dial my Smartphone
  • Sign of the times: We agree with this article and predict that more kids will know how to use a smartphone than know how to tie their shoes. Watch endearing video on the post to see just how important it will be to market your content to the four screens: mobile, tablet, laptop and TV.
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Posted by Andrew Truong, Inside AdWords Crew

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