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[G] Think With Google’s December Adventure: Search Tips Recap

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Inside AdWords: Think With Google’s December Adventure: Search Tips Recap

As we announced earlier this week, we'll be sharing insights and daily tips this month on Think with Google's Plus Page, to help you make the most of your holiday marketing.

Here are the four search ad related insights we covered this week (and a fun factoid):
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  1. Monday: 57% of shoppers still plan to do most of their holiday buying after Cyber Monday  Prepare for the big shopping days ahead by scheduling budgets to meet demand. Learn how in the "budget scheduling" section of this helpful article to learn how.
  2. Tuesday: Online ads are surprisingly under-served during the holidays  Take a look at the seasonal spike in shopping queries versus the level supply of ads. Grab people's attention with ads at the top of the page by taking advantage of our newly launched options for Automated Rules.
  3. Wednesday: Searches for "layaway" are heating up  Layaways are catching fire again with budget-conscious consumers at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart - especially in the Southern US. Geo-target your campaigns to areas where holiday shoppers are looking through the Location Targeting Tool.
  4. Thursday: December has arrived, bringing eight projected $1 billion+ online shopping days  Target those last-minute, undecided buyers with keyword terms such as "quick and easy gift ideas." The rush to purchase gift cards has also started, so make sure you have relevant keywords and ads.
  5. Friday Fun Factoid: The Cold Truth  Did you know people in the US catch an average of three colds a year, per person? At about 1 billion colds annually, that's nothing to sneeze at. And this year's cold season could be worse than usual: Cold- and flu-related searches on Google are up by 61% so far over the same period last year. That means we'll see 14.1 million more cold- and flu-related searches this December than last December. So wash your hands before hitting the keyboard and bundle up, folks!
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Posted by Andrew Truong, Inside AdWords Crew

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