Saturday, April 16, 2011

[G] Good luck to Jeff Gillis

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Google Analytics Blog: Good luck to Jeff Gillis

If you have been a reader of the Google Analytics blog for any amount of time, you’ve likely seen the work of Jeff Gillis. In fact, if you go all the way back to the very first post on this blog from June 2006 you’ll see Jeff as the author.

Jeff has been working on Google Analytics since there was a Google Analytics. After Urchin was acquired in 2005, Jeff left his post on the AdWords team to join Brett Crosby and form the original Google Analytics marketing team.

Today is Jeff's last day with the Google Analytics team. Jeff will be putting in some time consulting with other Google teams. Please join me and the Google Analytics team in thanking Jeff for his years of dedication to the team. Thanks Jeff!

Posted by Trevor Claiborne, Google Analytics Team


Amit:+91-9990308389 said...

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