Friday, March 4, 2011

[G] Google Voice: Helping save bees in L.A.

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Google Voice Blog: Google Voice: Helping save bees in L.A.

For the second installment of Google Voice user stories, we chatted with Amy Seidenwurm, one of the co-founders of Backwards Beekepers, to find out how they are using Google Voice to rescue swarms of bees.

1. Tell us about your organization.
The Backwards Beekeepers are dedicated to saving the native honey bee population by teaching chemical-free beekeeping. We have monthly meetings in L.A. and also advise beekeepers all over the world.

2. How are you using Google Voice?
We use our Google Voice number for the Bee Rescue Hotline. People all over L.A. call the hotline when they find unwelcome bees in their garages, hot tubs, trees, chimneys and such. We get their message on our Google Voice account and email it to our list of almost 500 beekeepers (and aspiring ones). Someone claims the job, contacts the caller and picks up the bees.

3. How is Google Voice helping you achieve your mission?
Google Voice is helping us save the bees and cultivate new beekeepers. We are now a go-to hotline for city postal workers, animal control officers and parks employees. We've rescued more than 300 swarms since we set up our Google Voice number a year ago.

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