Saturday, February 5, 2011

[G] Known Issue: More Socialize delivery problems

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The FeedBurner Status Blog: Known Issue: More Socialize delivery problems

Issue: Posts being sent by the Socialize service to Twitter are not always being delivered due to authorization errors. We are investigating the issue.

Update (2:42pm PST 28-Jan): The issue has been resolved; posts should now be delivered normally to Twitter. If your posts are still not being delivered, please re-connect your Twitter account to your FeedBurner account by clicking "Add a Twitter account" in the Publicize tab, re-entering your Twitter username and password in the window that is opened, and clicking Save on the Publicize form after the window closes.

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hello said...

i've often had issues delivering content to Twitter via other services. Facebook for example is so tedious to configure updates to twitter.