Friday, September 18, 2009

[G] Visiting Korea with Google Earth

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Google LatLong: Visiting Korea with Google Earth

One of my favorite places in Korea is the Insa-dong art district. Whenever I have guests I take them there to show off Korean traditional goods and galleries, but now I can show all my overseas friends and coworkers Insa-dong as well as many other tourist highlights around the country.

If you've dreamt of traveling to beautiful Korea, you can now turn on the "Korea Tourism" layer under the Travel and Tourism folder in the Google Earth Gallery to make a virtual visit or get a jump-start on planning your trip. The Korea Tourism Organization has worked to develop this Korea Tourism layer, which allows you to discover rich information about landmarks and attractions all over the country. You will see some of the country's highlights, which include temples, palaces, amusement parks, springs, shopping places, and much more. You can also enjoy virtual tours, create an itinerary, or turn on other interesting travel-related layers such as Panoramio, Wiki, or 360cities to help plan your trip. Be sure you don't miss out on Dongdaemun gate, 63 City, and Namsan Hanok Village.

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